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Date Joined in Roster Builder

When I create a roster in Roster Builder Manager and choose to show Date Joined, it says everyone joined on January 1, 1900.

I believe that’s because there is no date joined field for cub scouts. The field exists for the other programs, which is why it is in report builder.

Thank you, @jacobfetzer. I’ve never seen what Scoutbook looks like for anything other than a pack. There is a starting date entered for each Scout’s membership, and when a new Scout registers, the date the registration was processed gets pushed through. So, I don’t understand why the Report Builder cannot simply use the earliest of those dates.

The first membership date is not an accurate indicator for all scouts. All scouts were first imported in late 2018. So, units that did not use Scoutbook prior to that won’t have any earlier dates.

@jacobfetzer, we started using Scoutbook in February. I changed the first membership dates to make them as accurate as I could get them.

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