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Days and Nights for a weekend

Normally I would consider a “standard” weekend campout 2 days and 2 nights. IA details to 3 days and 2 nights due to start and finish dates. I have entered these as manual 2 and 2. Now that our advancement coordinator is entering these, she leaves it at the default 3&2.

What do others do?

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I do three days + two nights for a standard weekend. I count Friday and Sunday as full days, since all the “hard” work of the campout – setting up and tearing down camp – happens then.

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I typically don’t worry about days for a campout since rank, camping MB and OA eligibility refer to nights.


Great point. The activity report defaults to only showing nights since this is the “main” measurement. So, we don’t have to be diligent on splitting hairs on days. Thanks!

I think the value of counting days comes down to…

  1. Are you interested in the number of days in a calendar year you spend some time camping?
  2. Or do you need to calculate the number of camping hours you’re putting in to make sure you’re collecting your full scouting salary?
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They’d have to double my Scouting salary to catch up with my camping days. :grin:

Tracking the number of “days” is relevant for the Backpacking merit badge. I think everything else tracks “nights”.