Activity Logs do not correctly reflect total short term camping nights?

Activity logs reflect incorrect number of camping nights for multiple people. Before we try to get our whole troop using this feature, we need to understand what is wrong. Example: my own log shows 4 short term events, with a total of 7 nights. Days and nights are entered separately, such as 4 days, 3 nights for a specific trip. Is it adding these? Alternatively… the days are entered in both the “advanced” and the “basic” views (why they have two I don’t understand). The total short term nights is showing as 28… like its multiplying?

Now that said, I have another new adult leader transferred from another group… he has 35 short term nights entered, but his report for OA eligibility shows only 7 nights. Very strange. Someone please alert me what we are doing wrong?

The “basic” view assumes everyone attending the event did exactly the same thing (i.e. same miles of hiking, same hours of service, or same days and nights of camping). The “advanced” view allows person-by-person adjustments (e.g. Scout 1 left camp after one night to go to a soccer tournament).

The apparent double-counting might be because the individual already has some of those nights entered as an individual event. There’s a toggle to turn on display of individual activities, I believe.

Check when the nights are from. OA eligibility only counts the two years preceding the date of the report. So, a report run with today’s date 4/3/22 would exclude nights prior to 4/3/20. That’s not to say that there isn’t an error in the report, but it’s a common misconception about how the OA report counts nights. This is different from Camping MB, for example, which counts all BSA camping nights since joining Scouts BSA.

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Dee, could be several issues here…

Let’s take the last one first. The other adult may, in fact, have 35 nights, but the OA eligibility only looks at nights within the last two years, so it will not count camping before 03 April 2020.

Can you take a screen shot of your log and post??

It is not adding days and nights…

Basic is used when everybody is credited the same thing. Advanced is used when you have multiple people on a trip who come and go, and who do not get the same amount of nights credited.

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Sometimes, people will put in their own entries, and then another leader will put in a mass entry for the whole trip. These could be double-counted…as Charley indicates above…

I have figured out the fellow with 35 only showing as 7 - indeed those were a long-term nights and did not count for OA.

However, the others are entries of my own “only”… example I participated in a number of adult leader training such as IOLS and Wood Badge that involved overnight short term camping. Another camping night was a troop outing, but I entered all of these events myself… nobody else is double counting them.

4 entries with a total of 7 camping nights all short term… but yet the “OA Eligibility report” shows me with 28 nights! yowza!

I am trying to figure out how to attach the screen shot.

Hit “prt sc sys rq” key or similar on your keyboard…usually upper right, then paste into a reply.

For some browsers or OS, you may have to open a file (like a New Word Document) , paste it in there, then click on it to “Save As” a jpg, or png file on your desktop, then drag and drop.


@DeeKivett - or alternatively you can use something like snipping tool in windows to take a screen capture. Like this:

And, if you save it as a JPG on your desktop, you can open it right from there, and use the Edit & Create function to blackout sensitive data, then save it before copy/paste or drag/drop.

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Here is what is entered:

But the OA Readiness Report reflects a much higher number:

Note also - I am the admin. I entered all of these myself. I can make changes to them however needed.

@DeeKivett - you may want to run an activity log report

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Dee, looks like maybe you need to adjust the date range in your query.

Hit that dark blue Download Previous Logs button, and put in 01/01/2010.

Uncheck the other boxes…just look at camping nights. But, do hit the “Include Adults” box.

Let’s see what you get…

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@DeeKivett I sent you a private message.

Here are some screen shots from the system

Next – the export, using the date range back to 2010… note – nobody in my unit has entered data in this system but me… like ever… LOL…

Note here some of the language in the NOTES… regarding Frost Points. When I had put in frost points, it made my totals over 40++ !!! I deleted them and just recorded it in the notes field as a reference only, and the number dropped to 28.

Activity Log Report

Generated: 04/04/2022 19:29:26

Camping Log

Start Date

End Date



Frost Points



Dee W Kivett

4/23/2021 0:00

4/25/2021 23:59




Camp Old Indian

BSA Adult Leader Training - IOLS - Introduction to Outdoor Leadership Skills

12/4/2021 0:00

12/5/2021 23:59




Kings Mountain State Park

Orienteering Course Challenge - approx 3 miles

2/17/2022 0:00

2/20/2022 23:59




Camp Raven Knob

Weekend 1 of Wood Badge Course - held at Camp Raven KnobFrost Points = 24

3/12/2022 0:00

3/13/2022 23:59




Camp Raven Knob

Wood Badge Weekend 2 held at Camp Raven KnobFrost Points = 22





Unit Totals



Total camping nights – 4 entries of events, total is 7… how could it multiple these?

Note also – I am a member of two units… some nights entered as one, some nights entered as the other. Regardless of which unit – my numbers remain the same in the logs.

Here is the OA summary report – very strange.

I could also zoom with someone to walk through this together.

I have a very large troop of 50 scouts in the boy unit, a new troop of 6 girls in a brand-new female unit. I am the only one entering anything in activity logs for them.

My daughter was in a female unit before who used this system heavily. If they had entered anything with my name, it would show up here, but I never camped with them…

Could you send us (SUAC) your Activity Log Report and Order of the Arrow Eligibility Report via private message? You should be able to get a pdf version of each report.

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