December 13, 2021 updates affecting Internet Rechartering?

This morning, our registrar received a partial list (according to the document) of the updates made to Internet Rechartering on Monday, December 13, 2021. Now that we’re mostly done fighting the fires caused by “batch cannot be updated”, is there a complete list of what was changed yesterday? We still have units asking about rumored updates like changing a Venturing Youth Member smoothly to Venturing Participant and changing an aged out Scout to an adult position.

@FarrellGerbode alot of reports are based on Timed Synced in the middle of the night - so time might answer your question before anyone can

Thank you. If that’s all there is, then it was what i was looking for.

Hi - what do we do if we can’t UNMARK as multiple. I noticed when I marked it the cost went away but my Pack should in fact be paying not the other troop. Thx

It is my understanding that removal of multiple is not possible. A way to u do this would be to have your registrar “reset your recharter”. It will take you back to the state of things as they were before you started making any changes.

Thanks I’ll try that.