March 3, 2022 - Internet Recharter Change Log

o Leadership position error is fixed. If all positions are filled, validation will work correctly.
o Units can now print the roster in Internet Recharter which should give them the most up to
date roster.
o Units showing an effective date of 3/1 and an expiry date of 1/31 has been fixed.
o Scout Life can now be added or removed from registrants in Internet Recharter.
o When payments fail, Units now get an email telling them it failed and to submit again.
o Registrants not showing up on the Internet Recharter roster has been corrected.
o A Key 3 leader that was Key 3 in multiple units but only getting one email has been corrected.
o The Key 3 email can now be resent in Internet Recharter.
o Error message that the term “Does Not Match the Batch Effective and Expiry Date” is fixed.

There is a new link on the Internet Charter Renewal 2.0 page to track the most recent Updates, Changes, and Enhancements to the system. This document will be updated periodically to allow you to stay current on the improvements. You can find the document on this page, , or access the PDF directly using this link: