Delete a no-show Scout

Hello. I have two questions…

  1. I have a Scout whose parents pulled him out of Scouting several months ago before our recharter in December. I informed Council that he no longer attends yet he still shows up on our Pack roster and in Scoutbook. How do I remove him?

  2. I have another Scout that transferred to another Pack yet his mother who was the asst. Den Leader is still on our Pack roster. How do I remove her?


If you are a Unit Key 3 (CM,CC,COR), Key 3 Delegate (functional role assigned in my.scouting), or a Scoutbook Pack Admin (assigned in Scoutbook), you should just be able to put an end date on their membership in the pack in Scoutbook. That said, make sure that any awards/advancement that has been done by the scout is Leader Approved, and where relevant Awarded. You no longer have access to the accounts once you end the membership.

They might reappear down the road if they are still on the official roster at my.scouting.

@CourtneyAtkinson - if the scout was not dropped at recharter then they will show up in and in scoutbook. Dropping a scout in scoutbook does not remove them.

Yeah, good clarification. It may keep them from appearing for a period of time in SB, but they don’t get removed from the official roster. I think that still has to happen via the council registrar.

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@CharleyHamilton -specifically at recharter


  1. It sounds like the Scout was not dropped at recharter. In Scoutbook, go to the Scout’s Membership page and click on the Scout’s pack / den membership and add an end date. As Charley said, it’s possible that the Scout might reappear on your Scoutbook roster, because it looks like he is on your official roster at my.scouting.

  2. For the Assistant Den Leader, go to your Pack Roster page in Scoutbook, click on her name, click on her position, and add an end date.

Make sure whoever handles recharter for your pack drops them the next time your pack recharters.

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