What is the proper way to remove a scout from our troop

I removed a few inactive scouts from our troop by ending their membership in the Membership tab in Scoutbook. However, these scouts reappeared after our recharter. Is there a FAQ or link someone can post outlining the steps to remove a scout? For instance, do I need to inform council separately, or does ending their membership in Scoutbook eventually feed through to the database that council uses? Or should I inform council directly to end the scouts registration?


One thing to check is the unit’s my.scouting roster. If they are on there, they will likely keep coming back until the next recharter. Please check that and report back.

That link just takes me to my profile page:

but do you meant the troop’s internet advancement page?

This one:

I’ve removed the scouts again by inserting an ‘end date’ to their membership. They no longer appear on the internet advancement site: Internet Advancement

Is there something more I should do? Those are the same steps I followed last time, and they magically re-appeared in our roster after the recharter.


@ThomasArmstrong - in my.scouting.org do this:

  1. Click on Menu in the upper left corner
  2. Scroll down to organization
  3. In the dropdown select your unit
  4. Select Roster

I see… I didn’t know I could access the roster this way.

Yes, the inactive scouts are still appearing there. Is it possible to remove them, or do I need to go through council to have them removed?


@ThomasArmstrong - I usually do the removals at recharter as they are paid for the entire year… You could try council but I doubt they will pull their memberships

I had removed these scouts from our roster in 2022. I thought that was all that was requried.

Anyhow, I don’t see an option to remove them on the my.scouting.org site to remove scouts. Am I missing something, or is that function not available at all through the online utilities?


If the are no longer with your troop, they should have been dropped at Recharter.

Start with the person who handed Recharter for your troop, and see if these Scouts were dropped.

Like @JenniferOlinger said, check with recharter paperwork. If they were rechartered (and paid for), council is likely to not drop them until next recharter. It prevents someone from coming back and then having to be readded. There would have to be extenuating circumstance for them to be dropped mid year.

you can re input their “end date” and make sue that at recharter that they are not on the list to be kept on the list. ending their membership in scoutbook does not end thier membership in the unit but removing them at recharter does. removing them at recharter will let council know not to readd them.

He asked how to end their membership on my.scouting.org. There is no way to put an end date there.

The only way for a Scout or Leader to be removed from a my.scouting.org roster prior to recharter is to be transferred to another unit. Since they are paid for a year, the BSA will not remove them from the last unit until their paid term is completed.


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