Removing scouts that have quit from Scoutbook

Is there a way that I, as the Scoutmaster, can remove a scout from my roster? I have several scouts who have decided to quit for various reasons and all I seem to be able to do with them is to assign them all to a patrol that I have labeled “Inactive”.

Hi, John,

The only way I’ve found to actually remove a scout permanently is to both end the youth’s membership by putting an end date under:

Scout’s Dashboard → Scout’s Membership → Current Memberships → Date Ended

and then contacting council to remove the scout from our official roster. There is a history (at least for me) of having scouts that I have “ended” memberships for reappear on the roster unless the council has removed them from our official roster.

See How do I remove a Scout from Scoutbook

Thank you. I am a little OCD and that was just driving me crazy. It worked and now I will sleep much better.

Personally, I would be reluctant to call the council and have them removed from the roster, because they paid to be a member for the charter year, and sometimes people change their minds.

I prefer to put them in an “inactive” patrol and disapproving them or put an end date on their membership with the unit.

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My council will not remove any Scout from a roster until the unit recharters unless the Scout transfers to another unit. Many councils have the same policy.

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It’s not my general practice to contact council, but I’ve had some parents get very irate if they continue to get invites, etc from the troop after they have requested that we end the youth’s membership with the troop. Since we have had scouts reappear on the roster after we end the membership on Scoutbook (because they still exist on the official roster), then end up getting invited to newly created events. So, I’ve taken this step a couple of times. I’ve never gotten pushback from council when I explain why I’m asking.

@JenniferOlinger, do you not get scouts reappearing on the Scoutbook roster after you add an end date if they’re still on your official roster? Does disapproving them prevent them from reappearing?

I usually just put them in a separate patrol until they are dropped at recharter time. You can also remove their connections except for Admins. Disapproving them should make it so that they do not appear in Messaging or as an invitee in the calendar, although you would have to verify that they have been removed from already created calendar events.

The problem is that we are 4 months past recharter, the scouts had quit way before that, and still they are on my roster. My new scouts that crossed over in March are already on my roster which is great, but the ones who did not recharter are still there. Well they were still showing up on roster. I did manage to put an end date per Charley’s suggestion and that seems to have worked.

True, I have seen transfers happen within 3 days. But I had several scouts not recharter and council or National did not remove them. However, I have not received our new membership cards yet this year. Perhaps it will be at that time that National would remove them.

Do they still appear on your my.Scouting roster? If not they should have been removed from Scoutbook, also. There is a bug that doesn’t remove them if their current membership is not approved at the time (no green shield).

The BSA no longer requires councils to print and distribute membership cards or charters. You can print membership cards for yourself from Member Manager in

And you can print the unit charter certificate in the Organization Manager at

I put scout information in Scoutbook but then some “BSA Administrator” person apparently removed them. There should be an inactive status. In the past we have had scouts start, take a couple years off, and then come back. It is silly to have to recreate everything. Yes, we could just pay the $35 something and keep them on the roster but, others think that is not right if not actually paying the dues. If BSA Scouts wants members why do you discard members so quickly?

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What information was removed?

If the Scouts are no longer on your roster in Member Manager at then they are removed from the unit’s Scoutbook roster, but their records are still in the system. The BSA policy is units lose access to Scout records when the Scout is no longer part of the unit.

If they come back, make sure they have the same bsa member number. That should be noted on the application. But even so, it’s always good to check for yourself that your registrar didn’t create a brand new scout.

Thanks for the response. Last year I input name, address, advancement records, etc for all scouts in our Troop and now since some scouts are not on the 2019 Troop recharter list the scouts are no longer in Scoutbook. Email, phone number, parent names, merit
badges - its all gone. So now with no contact information it is very difficult to recruit them back to scouts and impossible to provide them current advancement status. The scouts did not join another troop.

PS: If I use hand written records or another database tool like Troopmaster I would still have the information.


BSA policy is if you need information about former Scouts in your unit, you contact your council office.