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Good morning. I am working on cleaning up our roster in Scoutbook now that we are a couple weeks into the new year. Our recharter was submitted middle december and has been accepted by Council, but Scoutbook hasn’t updated yet, so I am working on cleanup.

I have one Scout that has left teh Pack, been removed from recharter, but I cannot end his membership as my connection has been reduced to “view only.” I believe ghe has changed Packs when they moved and updated his connections. I need to get him out of our Scoutbook roster. How do I do this when I don’t have access to his profile?

BSA ID: 13656369


A unit admin can put an end date to membership

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I am a unit admin (in Scoutbook) for Pack 13. I am not for whatever new pack he is in.

I just went through and ended membership for the other 10 or 11 Scouts that have left our pack since last recharter. I am unable to end membership for this 1 scout because my connection was altered.

The BSA ID above is no good

and your recharter is not fully processed yet either

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Hmm… I can’t go in and view his profile or anything. I pulled that number off of our recharter paperwork under “dropped youth members.” (Copy and pasted from the charter paperwork) 13656369

Do I need to contact my Council or ???

Could this be because our CO is a UMC or just our Council is running behind?

I would say contact council - probably sitting on a desk - also have another Admin update your admin position in Scoutbook, or go to roster, click your name, click your admdin position, click update

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Thank you sir!! Updating my admin through roster worked. I can now see this scouts profile and back to full control. And it looks like his BSA number is actually 137424526.

Thanks again so much for your prompt and very helpful support.

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Where can I enter the end date in Scoutbook on a scout that has dropped out

Go to the Scout’s Membership page, click the membership for your unit and enter an end date.

Click on the Scout>Scout’s Membership>Membership in Your Troop/Patrol/Den/Pack>

Uncheck “position approved” and then put in an end date in the “date ended” field.

I don’t recommend unapproving the position. It might have unintended consequences.

When a scout has a paid membership through the end of the calendar year, I don’t end their membership early, because they are still on our official roster in My.Scouting.

I work with a pack. We have a Den 99 Inactive where we place scouts no longer attending. Then I unapprove their membership. This removes them and their parents from the invitees list for calendar events and from the messaging list for email.

Last year, after our recharter posted, most scouts disappeared. Only those who had aged out needed an end date added to remove them from the pack.

That’s somewhat new. When we had scouts tagged as “unapproved” on the memberships, they didn’t auto-drop from our Scoutbook roster in the past, so we stopped doing that.

I thought there is all of these odd issues where Scouts don’t show up, but are causing issues and that there is concern that they still have an “approved position”. Is that concern just an approved leadership position that causes issues?

@Matt.Johnson The issue you are thinking of is that they have an open position - not that the position is approved (or unapproved).

If a Scout is no longer a member of a unit, then end any leadership position(s), and then end the membership.


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