Scoutbook+ calender won't delete

I have events that were created for my Den prior to them crossing over and prior to the change to scoutbook+, that I am trying to delete. I cant delete them in Scoutbook because it takes me to scoutbook+ and scoutbook+ gives me the below error. I want to delete this event because it no longer applies as it is the past ranks requirements. Anyone have a fix?


Were these events created by Den Leader Experience?

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Yes, they were created as part of the calendar through the den leader experience site.


You should be able to edit these events so they take place in the past such as 2022. I would also add to the description something like “Event moved to the past because it will not occur”


You can also move them to 2025. In early September, 2024, all DLE created events with a date after 9/1/24 will be deleted from the calendar. This way all you need to do is change the date and don’t worry about adding anything to the description.

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