How to delete meetings from Scoutbook calendar that were added via Den Leader Experience?

One of our den leaders added meeting dates to the Pack calendar via Den Leader Experience, and now he wants to delete them and cannot. He is only permitted to change the date and location. I am the Scoutbook Admin and I cannot delete the meetings either (using the regular Scoutbook view).

We changed the dates of those meetings to a past date so that they don’t clog up our current calendar, but can we get someone in IT support to delete these from the back-end? Surely there must be a way to get rid of these events.

These are the meetings that I would like deleted:
My Calendar Meeting 1A: Bobcat (
My Calendar Meeting 1B: Protect Yourself Rules (
My Calendar Meeting 2: Fur, Feathers, and Ferns 1 of 2 (
My Calendar Meeting 3: Fur, Feathers, and Ferns 2 of 2 (
My Calendar Meeting 4: Bear Necessities 1 of 2 (
My Calendar Meeting 5: Bear Necessities 2 of 2 (
My Calendar Meeting 6: Paws for Action 1 of 2 (
My Calendar Meeting 7: Paws for Action 2 of 2 (
My Calendar Meeting 8: Baloo the Builder 1 of 3 (
My Calendar Meeting 9: Baloo the Builder 2 of 3 (
My Calendar Meeting 10: Baloo the Builder 3 of 3 (
My Calendar Meeting 11: Fellowship and Duty to God (
My Calendar Meeting 12: Bear Claws 1 of 2 (
My Calendar Meeting 13: Bear Claws 2 of 2 (

There is not a way to delete the meetings, at least not in the user-facing side. Moving them into the past is what has been the canonical approach since DLE was released. It’s one of many reasons that a lot of folks don’t like the DLE interface.

I hope someone from IT support sees my original post with all the Event IDs and can delete them from the back-end. We tell all our Den Leaders NEVER to use the Den Leader Experience, but we have had some new leaders join lately. It is misleading.

There should be a hide all DLE events button.

Yes, that den leader in particular should be able to go to the scoutbook calendar and click the “hide DLE events” button. It is den specific.

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