Deleted scouts in my den

Any idea why half a den had their membership ended today (9/30/2021) with the note " |SB-2774 Set temp membership to expire 2021-09-30||SB-2774 Set temp membership ||SB-2774 End temp membership |"? No one in our pack did this so wondering if a scoutbook update created this issue.

That means they are not registered @LilaAylstock - do you have a BSA number? check My Account > My Connections

They are registered and have been with us for over a year now. I’ve fixed them all by deleting the end membership date, saving then approving their membership again. Each scout is still listed in and this issue was only with scoutbook.
an example that you can look at will be
BSA Member #:136459219
UserID: 10323893

@LilaAylstock noted and reported to developers - thanks

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