Sync'd scout's membership auto ended

I have a scout, MID 134461565, whose membership was ended by Scoutbook. His MID matches in both rosters, My.Scouting and Scoutbook. The scout was sync’d before this happened.

DateEnded by SP ExpireInvalidYouthUPsCreatedinSB after 60 Day Lapse

The scout joined our pack February 03. His membership was ended May 20. Today, May 30, I removed his end date. He is sync’d. I changed his start date to today, saved, then changed it back to Feb. and saved. Will check tomorrow to see if he auto ends overnight.


I have asked the developers to investigate.

Update from overnight:

The scout’s membership was ended: DateEnded set by AkelaSBDeltaSync as AkelaExpiryDate < CharterRenewalDate

and a new membership started [not in a den]: AkelaSBDeltaSyncInsert

for the same SB account, user 1789754. I have made no changes today; will wait for IT to respond back.


I did request the Scout’s positions to sync overnight. Go ahead and move the Scout into the den using the Reassign Scout function on the den roster. Hopefully this will keep the Scout in the den. Due to the holiday weekend, responses from developers are delayed.


I used the Reassign Scout function to move the scout into his den; will check tomorrow to see if he stays.

Thanks, Doug

Strangely, this did not automatically connect the den admins to the scout. I had to manually connect them using the Connections Manager tool after the Den Leader contacted me.

Thanks. We will investigate.

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