Deleting a campout from Internet Advancement

Can anybody tell me how to delete an activity from Internet Advancement?


@BrianHeflin - no delete at the moment but if there are zero nights and no attendance then it is a no impact entry.

Thank you for the quick response, Stephen. Are we planning to add a delete option?

yes a delete feature (in a few ways) are being developed

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That is good to hear! It is SOOOO easy to make a mistake, when you are learning how to use a new program. I would hate to think that all my mistakes will live on forever!


Same with IA Activity logs…no way to delete events. Was this tool vetted prior to release??? Really? No way to delete something created in error…


I miss TroopMaster!

adding more characters to meet 20 character minimum.

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I would like the ability to reject items in my approval queue. Right now I typically enter the entire group that attended an outing. Then a few parents (usually) or scouts enter the same outing for just themselves. I would like to be able to reject those with a comment (like I already entered it).

Similarly, I have parents who like to think their scouts have completed items on a merit badge because they have gone over it with the parent or someone wholly disconnected with the merit badge (anyone but their counselor). They check it all off and it goes to my approval queue. I would like to be able to reject it.


First things first, you need to provide some training to the parents in your Troop about the process you want them to follow. If you don’t do that, all the other advice you get here won’t work… You need to make sure the parents understand that they are not “Akela” in Boy Scouts, and the standard for performance is no longer “do your best”…

With that said, you were right to break this into two sections. Regarding the activity logs, I’d make it clear that in Scouts BSA, activities are logged by the unit not by any individuals. Every activity will have a designated person recording attendance (Scribe, ASPL, etc.) and sharing that info with the Scoutmaster ('s designee), who makes sure it gets logged properly. I’d hit the Eagle Moms and Eagle Dads hard with the “logged properly” bit – warn them if they don’t follow the unit procedures, they might inadvertantly interfere with their kid’s advancement.

Regarding the rank advancement and merit badge check offs, those are working the way the BSA wants them to work… The Scout (or parent) can check them off as “completed” but not approved, which dumps the item into your advancement queue. That’s the digital equivalent of the checkmark on the left side of the paper log in the handbook – the Scout is saying “I’m ready to be tested on this requirement”. It shows up in your queue so that you know Little Johnny is ready for his knots test, not for you to simply approve it. And there’s nothing that says you have to approve it just because it’s in your queue. If Little Johnny can’t tie a square knot, you can clear the “completed” checkbox for Scout requirement 4a…

Merit Badges are a little different. As a unit leader, you shouldn’t be checking off on any of the requirements. Again, the parents and the Scouts can check an item off “complete” but not “approved”; so you can always hold off on approving anything in the merit badge queue until you have a completed blue card…

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Any time frame on the delete feature?


Yes, a delete function for campouts, service activities, hikes, etc… would be great. In the meantime, even the edit function isn’t working. I tried to ZERO out the hours on an event that was submitted as a service activity, but was in fact a fundraiser and thus not service. So, it would be nice for the edit function to work as well.

@AndrewCoady You should already be able to delete activities (except for the legacy activities).

First, remove all of the people from the activity, then you should be able to delete the activity.


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