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Unable to Edit/Delete Personal Activities

After some research through previous posts it seems that all of the activity logs were transferred from ScoutBook as group activities and also converted to personal activities as well. In other words, if we had 10 scouts attend a campout there are now 11 separate activities listed for the same campout. The problem with this is that this is giving the scouts credit for double the nights camping and number of troop activities in which they have participated.
Neither I (Advancement Chair) nor our Committee Chair are able to make any edits to the personal activities such as deleting participants, changing dates, or changing the number of nights/hours. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to resolve? Thanks in advance.

I did a quick check, and then ran a report to verify, and I do not seem to have this same issue. I only have 10 personal activities, no group activities, so no double counting (I checked multiple years, but certainly not every month/activity). And no, no editing/deleting allowed on these (I believe this request has been made before and the response was that it is on the “wish list”). Good luck!

The only way to end up with duplicates, at least in principle, is if someone went in afterward and created a second group or individual event. I don’t see any “duplicates” for any of the scouts/leaders I screened, except where someone entered a duplicate activity later, whether as an individual or group activity.

All of my “pre-switchover” events are, as you noted, showing as individual events even if they were actually unit events. In reality, that is what they were even in Scoutbook. It was just that quick entry allowed us as leaders to enter multiple “individual records” at once. It did not designate something as a unit event, per se.

@MaureenMellett is 100% correct that the ability to edit/delete the events rolled-over from Scoutbook has been requested, but no announcement has been made as to when or if BSA development will take up the request.

My recommendation would be, assuming that the “duplicate” is a post-switchover entry, I would edit the duplicate to remove that particular scout. I have a feeling that most of our scouts will age-out before this particular feature request gets implemented, but I’d be happily surprised to be wrong. :^)

I understand where the transferred activities are just individual records in IA. But it changed the dates to start and stop on the same day…even if the trp was 11 days long. It will not let me correct the dates. Also, no logs were transferred into the description boxes.

@ChristineBaggette - how long ago where these entries ? If it neither impacts advancements or OA qualification I would not be very concerned about the minutia.

The most recent one is June 2019. I can see it on a lot of them, but have not checked all the way back to 2015 when I started keeping records.

So a scout who went to Philmont for 12 days, it shows they arrived and left on the same date…so one day.

I was trying to use them the caculate devices to award for the National Outdoor Camping Award. So it does kind of matter.

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@ChristineBaggette - ah… understood. Are the actual day/night counts correct though ?

Ok…inside the activity log, it does show the right number of days and night. Hard to know for sure if they are calculating correctly though. The scout I first noticed it on has over 200 camping nights so not easy to tell unless I add them all up by hand…haha…That is what I was trying to avoid…

@ChristineBaggette - I found this:

I think you could also try to look back at the scoutbook calendar to reconcile some of this.

Thank you for your help.

@ChristineBaggette - my pleasure… and there is also the csv on the IA reports.

I am not familiar with CVS?

A CSV (comma-separated values) file is a type of text file in which information is separated by commas.
CSV files are most commonly encountered in spreadsheets and databases.

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And CVS is a pharmacy chain :slight_smile: and I corrected my post…