Activity Log Report shows non-members

When I run the activity log, I have non-member youth on it. Some of them are former members, most gone more than a year. One entry is a scout who was never a member of my unit but based on the recent entries seems to be active somewhere. None of these names are in my roster either in Scoutbook or in Org Manager - certainly none were on our most recent re-charter. How do I remove these former scouts from this report, and what do I need to do about the scout who appears here but is not ours?

What time period are you using for the report?

I am going back to when a particular scout joined - looking to calculate her camping nights. So back to 2019 in this case.

I believe the Activity Log Report is designed to return anyone connected to the unit during the selected time periods – not just current members. This is for various reasons, such as Journey to Excellence (JTE), etc.

If you just want the Activity Log Report for this one particular Scout, then I would recommend:

  1. In Internet Advancement, go to the Roster page.
  2. Click on the Scout’s name.
  3. Under the “Activity Logs” section, click on “Run Report”.
  4. Select “Activity Log Report”.

What are you trying to calculate her nights of camping for (Camping merit badge, Order of the Arrow eligibility, National Outdoor Awards?)

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Ok. and thanks for the info for running that report just for one scout did not know I could do it that way.

Doing this for Camping Merit Badge - I’m her MB counselor for that as well as Unit Leader. I got what I needed for that.

But there still is a scout there I’m not familiar with - has never been in our unit. Should i do anything about that. She is not in our roster elsewhere.

We would need more information. I will send you a private message.

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