Den Admin - I need to remove this from an adult

Not sure how or why I have an adult leader marked as a “Den Admin” or Patrol Admin, but when I try to remove it, SB says that I must have somebody in this role. When I try to assign somebody to this role, it is not an option. PLEASE HELP :slight_smile:


Den Leaders are automatically assigned as Den Admins and the role cannot be removed. If you post the BSA Member ID (no names) of the person in question, we can investigate.

To add a den admin, go to the pack roster page, click the leader’s name, and click add position. They have to be a registered leader to be a den admin.

This is not on the pack level, it is on the troop levelbut she is marked as a “den admin” for the troop. She was a parent with the Cub Scout Deb many years ago, but was never a leader until Boy Scouts. BSA ID#130070479


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