Den Leader lost den admin privileges in Scoutbook

I have a Wolf den leader and den admin who can’t be given full control rights to her Scouts. She has had full control over all other Scouts except a couple who joined recently. Only the view options are available in the connection manager (no write options).

I read another topic on this forum that suggested removing her “position approved” status and restoring it, but now she is read-only for all Scouts except her daughter.

I also tried ending her den admin role and adding her as a leader for the den, but the search function can’t find her at all. She is still listed as the den leader (just not den admin) so maybe the search function ignores her…?

Pack 179
Den 3 (Wolf)
(Name removed)
ID 132148594
User ID 8804415

@JeremySchultz - den admin is a role not position so if still listed as a leader you would go to their position and add the den admin role.

I see no place to add the den admin role from the screen showing her den leader position. It only allows me to toggle “position approved.” Same with her “Den Admin Position” screen. I can add that role from the Add New Leader screen but I mentioned above that she does not show up in the user search there.

@JeremySchultz - go to the unit roster, click on the leader in question, then at the bottom of that page there should be add position or role button, click on that to add the role.

Also, verify that the DL is listed on your official roster at It’s possible that something happened during recharter, and they fell off (or they haven’t posted yet if they are new to the DL position). The fact that you said you only see the “View ***” options in in Connection Manager suggests that there may be an issue with their adult leader position in the official roster.

ETA: Also, there is some sort of issue with the Connection Manager at the moment (see here: Cannot grant Full permissions in scoutbook - #12 by RobertBrodner), which has been reported to the developers. It’s possible that’s what’s causing your issue if the adult appears on your official roster at

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@Stephen_Hornak, this leader does not have the Add button. All other registered leaders do.

@CharleyHamilton, I checked my.scouting and the leader is still on the roster.

FWIW, currently our recharter is completed and just needs the council to add new adults and take payment.

Odd that they look right at my.scouting, but don’t have the ability to add new positions. That’s usually an issue related to not being registered as a scouter.

Do the BSA ID numbers match as well?

If that’s not the issue, SUAC may be able to see something from behind the scenes using the BSA ID and Scoutbook UserID you provided.

You are in Recharter Limbo - as it has not been fully processed - and we have found an API that is ignoring the built in 60 grace period - Has been reported to developers


I checked the BSA IDs along the way and they all were the same.

Based on what Donovan says here, I think my main recourse is to get recharter finalized and out of the way. It could be that other leaders would have the same problem if I fiddle with their access. I wish the system would just give Den Leaders full control over a den by default.


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