Den Advancement

So stumbled on an interesting thing with another pack i was helping today. They advanced all their dens and worked just fine. What I found out after is they don’t advance their leaders so the Bear leader last year is the same Bear Leader this year. Short of the manual fix (which he started doing) if there a way to prevent leader movement when you advance the den?

The Advance Den feature in Scoutbook is designed to also advance the den leaders – there isn’t a way to prevent it.

However, you can create new dens and use the “Reassign Scout(s)” button to move the Scouts to the new den without moving any adult leaders.

OK but in that scenario you still have to move the leaders Into the newly created dens right

No, she’s suggesting you’d leave the leaders in the same den from year to year and just move the scouts out. Of course, that may not work if the scouts keep their same den number. I think their best bet is to advance the dens and then change all of the DLs’ positions if they use den numbers.

Ohh ok I get it know Thanks Yea they are standardizing the den numbers they never used den numbers before but then have issues with the calendar showing all events because its seeing everything as den 1.

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