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Den Leadership Positions not correct after advancing den

When I advanced our Wolf Den to Bears, all of their leadership time (denner and assistant) that they had accumulated as wolves was now listed as while they were Bears. I tried to go in and manually recreate the leadership positions in the wolf den by clicking on the view previous memberships and selecting that wolf den membership, but it still created the position as a member of the bear den.

It’s a minor thing. Just one of those bugs that kinda messes up the concept of tracking a Scouts progression from Lion on up when the info doesn’t stay in the right category as they progress.


It is messed up.

I think the issue is that Scoutbook tracks each den that is created in the background, and uses the current information for that den whenever there is a reference to it. So rank level and name change during the life of a den. Even the number could change, although we don’t do that.

I think the workaround is to create a new den each time the scouts promote. Then the den identity would never change. Each den would exist for one year, would always be of one rank and number, and may have one name.

I have not done this. Transferring scouts between dens is easy. Moving leaders becomes tedious.

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