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Den Chief or Den Chief Parent

With the recent announcement that unregistered adults will be dropped, if they are listed as leaders, I hope we can consider adding a den chief parent position for packs and that such adults will not be dropped.

I presently have a den chief in my pack who I treasure. I have her dad and her Scoutmaster both listed on my Scoutbook roster with the position unit Scouter reserve. Neither is actually registered with our pack. I do this, so they can get calendar event notification emails. The den chief dad can then pass them along to his daughter, The Scoutmaster likes to get them, so he can monitor how his Scout is being used by our pack.

When the den chief is present for an event, I mark her dad present. That allows me to track her attendance. Of course, sometimes her dad is present as well. He came geocaching with us last year, and he participated in the Delaware Coastal Clean-up with our pack. He also stays for pack meetings from time to time. But I can never mark “him” present, because I use him to represent his daughter.

Of course, my top preference would be the ability to add the Scout as a den chief. I’m pretty sure most den chiefs would prefer this as well.

If that isn’t going to happen, the unit Scouter reserve trick may no longer work soon. I won’t have the problem, since my den chief’s dad is on his daughter’s troop committee. So, he is registered. However, when I get a new den chief, there’s no way for me to know whether s/he will have a registered parent.

I don’t think I’m the only one doing this right now. So, some folks may be surprised on March 1, when their den chief parents get dropped from Scoutbook.

a fix is in development to handle this


In the interim, you should be able to dual-register your den chief’s SM as a USR in your pack free of charge. I believe that the Application Manager on My Scouting Tools will allow that. Of course, your mileage may vary by council.

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