New Pack Position - Den Chief Parent

We have a problem with keeping Den Chiefs in the loop on all Den and Pack activities. Scoutbook is our primary communication mechanism. YPT prevents enabling the ability for direct communication with the scout.

Feature: Add a “Den Chief Parent” adult position in the Pack roster. This role would not have any required training and would not count towards the Pack’s roster. All communication would be to the parent (so YPT-compliant).

Alternate feature: Allow Den Chiefs to be added directly into the tool, but require any sent messages to include 2 or more trained adults.

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Don’t hold your breath for this to be implemented.
Simpler solution: either use the email address for the Den Chief parent, or ask the Den Chief to setup an email account (gmail, etc.) that autoforwards to both his email and his parents’. Test it, confirm receipt by parent, done.

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Can you explain how this would work? Are we adding the kid, but using the parent’s email? How do we put the Den Chief himself in there? Just call him a kid in the den?

I add a scout with “Den Chief” in the first name and add the den chief’s real parents as parents. Then, it looks just like any other scout in the den except that they won’t have the sync icon by their name. This will be a duplicate of their son/daughter, which I Why I add the “den Chief” in the name.

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