Den Leader can't submit attendance for single Den Member

I am able to do everything else I need to, except mark a single scout’s attendance. I can mark the scout’s awards and advancement, etc. but when I go add an attendance record to an event, it doesn’t let me, as if I don’t have permissions. I have verified I have Den Admin rights over the scout, and I am able to mark other scout’s attendance without issue. The scouts bsa id is 14352131. I submitted this same topic about a week ago, but the reply went into my junk mail, and I didn’t see it until now. Please help! Thanks!

Is the scout included in the event as an invitee?

yes, I can see the scout within the event, and others (Cub Master, etc) can mark his attendance in my stead.

And unit Admin needs to make you Den Admin of the Tiger den

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It shows that I am the Tiger Den leader, is that different than Den Admin?

Yes it is different @DavidAdamson

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great, I’ll try that. Thanks. I’ll update when the results are in!

This worked for me. Thanks for your help!

Is there a document that lists what roles has what permissions?


Kinda? There’s this at the Scoutbook Help wiki:

There are function-specific help docs for things like managing the calendar, but I couldn’t immediately put my hand on them.

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