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Scoutbook Attendance Tracking


I’m a cub scout committee chairman and while I can track attendance for both scouts and parents at meetings through the event creation function in Scoutbook, my Den leaders can only mark attendance for the scouts. All my Den Leaders have Den Admin rights and the parents are on the list of invitees but they are unable to mark them as attended. Is there a setting I’m missing or something that I need to do for the Den Leaders to be able to track this adult/parent attendance for their Den Meetings? Any help is welcome.


Is the den leader able to mark attendance for themself and their assistant?

Yes they can mark the leader and scouts but not the parents.

Are the parents included in the event that was created, or just the Scouts?

Are we talking about den events or pack events?

Parents are included in the invite and I can mark them as attended but my Den leaders cannot…


The issue is with Den level events.


I agree that if a den admin can add the invitees, they should be able to take attendance for them. I’ll do some testing of this on my own.

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Thank you. I appreciate the help and support.


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