Event Attendance Question

I’m a Den Leader in my Pack. For my Den Meetings I always do attendance for both the Scouts and the adults. Our Pack and my Den are small. So, I have no Assistant Den Leader. All of the parents always stay for the whole meeting and I always like to do attendance in Scoutbook for parents who attend as they provide the other adult presence to adhere to the two-deep leadership policy. One of my Scouts is the son of our Cubmaster and his wife is a Committee Member. Scoutbook does not let me mark them at all on the attendance. Is this due to my only having Den Admin and not Pack Admin? Thank you for your help.

Who you can mark as attending depends on who is on the invitee list. Were they “invited” to the Scoutbook event, or just the scouts?

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Yes, they were on the invited list.

This bug was recently reported to the developers. I do not know when they will fix it.

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Thanks for the update, Jacob.

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