Add attendees to Meeting Schedule

Any Scouts that have joined since I created the schedule in the Den Leaders app can not be added as an attendee of a meeting.

When trying to add them in the Scoutbook dashboard, it says “You are viewing an event created in Scoutbook for Den Leaders app. You can only update Location and Dates fields.”

When I go to the Den Leaders app to edit the meeting, I can also only edit the Date, Time, and Location.

yep they had to do that cause users messing with meetings was messing up the DLE - they are supposed to be adding an automatic tool that will add any missing scouts to the meetings (have not heard an ETA on that).

Users are messing with meetings because the way they are loaded don’t make sense. They have to be adjusted to fit the actual schedule and members. I know there are already threads about allowing for Pack Meeting weeks and Holidays off, so I won’t rehash that, but stripping features that allow den leaders to customize their experience in the app is going to drive people away.

preaching to the choir

And Editing events is either already in app (I dont have den setup in the app itself just the test version) or it is coming soon as it is in the text version.

The Den Leader Experience programmers are working on the ability to add / delete Scouts from meetings.

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We are working on adding meetings via DLE. Also working on automagically adding late joining Scouts to existing and past events.

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