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Den Leader lost access; now has a duplicate account

I have no idea what happened, but we have a Tiger Den Leader, who had Den Leader access to Scoutbook for the past year, but now doesn’t. I am Committee Chair, so when I look at the Pack Roster, I see his name as a Den Leader, but it appears to be some new account with access to Scoutbook “pending.” This appear to be a duplicate account because it doesn’t have his full contact info and when I look at his scout’s profile, there he is, listed as a parent, with his profile photo and full contact info.

I have no idea how to make him a Den Leader again, because when I click on the Den > Add leader, and then search for him by name, email or BSA ID, he doesn’t show up at all.

Can someone please help?
His BSA ID is: 13514353 and user ID is 10649385
The duplicate account appears to have a BSA ID of 136474672 and user ID of 10348821

How does something like this even happen?

well the second one is the Real account with his registered position - give me a few to sort it out

OK they are merged and his login is fixed for him

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Thank you @DonovanMcNeil!

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