Scout leader disappeared and I can't re-add him

Hi, I’m the admin for my Pack and we have a Den leader that was working fine up until this week. Now, when he logs in, he is no longer a Den leader and can’t do anything. When I log in, his Den shows as having no leader. If I try to add a leader and use either his name, email or BSA number, it returns nothing. How can I get some help to get his user fixed?

Separately, I have another Den leader that is in here twice. She had an account already as a parent of her Scout. When she became a leader, I guess the council added her as a new account which has the changemyemail as the email address. The problem is that the account she logs in with says she isn’t a leader. How can I merge/fix those accounts?


For the first one, have a key 3 check your official roster in If they appear, what does that see that leader’s bsa member number is? If they don’t appear, they are not registered and will need to turn in a paper or electronic application.

For the second, what is their bsa member number?

Thanks, I didn’t realize a key 3 had different access than I do, I’ll try that. The odd thing is that he was working just fine until this week. For the second issues, her BSA number for her original account where she is not a leader is 136368410. The account that seems to have been added accidentally where she is a leader is 13651497.

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