Duplicate Account in Scoutbook

I have 2 scouts and currently I have a different user for each scout. I am not able to see the user information for my account associated with my son who is a Lion but I am able to access the account associated with my daughter who is a Bear. Can these 2 accounts be merged please? I am also not sure if there is still a lingering account from when we were in Florida with Pack 727 as i see myself linked twice to my daughter. The one i would like to keep is

Pack 1935, Buckeye Council,

BSA: 12977582
ID: 9782091

What is your sons BSA #?

@SteveSherer what is Son’s BSA # - I do not see a second account under this name

I finally found other account and fixed this @SteveSherer

@DonovanMcNeil Thanks! I can now see them both and have full control. As a side note. Do you know why even though I am listed as the Den Leader and Den Admin for the Bear Den, I am not able to sign off requirements for the other members of the Den besides my daughter?

your unit admin would need to make sure you are connected to the others

I will reach out to her again. She said everything was connected as far as she knew. I was curious if it had something to do with the initial issues we had because I transferred from a Council in Florida to a Council in Ohio and I have heard that there are issues sometimes with that.

Well your BSA # is still Florida in Scoutbook. Your Buck eye # is 105041783 - and you are NOT a registered Den Leader

So even though it shows me as the den leader in scoutbook I am not registered as the den leader? And this BSA # 12977582 is still Florida? and BSA # 105041783 what I am in Ohio? Does that mean that i still have 2 accounts? I am confused.

The second MID you got registering your
Scout as a Lion I think - but you are not a registered leader - that is the first issue - you need to work with unit to clear that up

Thanks for the information. I just reached out to the leadership of my pack with that information.

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