Den Leader missing and cannot be added back in correctly

I am the Cubmaster of my Pack. When I logged in I saw that my Webelos Den (2) leader dropped out of my Scoutbook (somehow). His name is showing in his children’s account, but he is not on the roster any more. I tried to add him back in using his BSA member ID and it created a new account for him with a new SB ID, who is not in the official roster. I tried a second time to make sure it was not an error on my part and it did it again with another new SB ID. His correct BSA Member ID is 12662616, and his Correct SB ID is 134977813. His new, incorrect SB IDs are 13031498, and 13031573. On his account he sees that he was terminated from his den leader position on Feb 22, 2023.

@JenniferScribner this is fixed

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