Den Leaders Disappeared and Gone from Roster

I have 2 Den leaders who are registered adults and are shown correctly in pack roster. They are active in scoutbook. They are now missing from the scoutbook pack roster completely. I can not find them to add them.

if you post BSA numbers we can look

  • 133153841
  • 123955571

@ClintMelton - ok I have these cleaned up and have set a Position sync - look around 4pm CST today

I have a similar issue. Person is registered in both Pack (Cubmaster) and Troop (Committee Member), but does not appear in the Troop roster on Scoutbook.

BSA ID 132612905.

@MatthewAnderson6 my systems show he has a Troop committee position in Scoutbook

Apparently he appears in “parents” but does not appear in “Leaders”. I’ve sent this thread to them to see if they can share any other insight on the issue.

@DonovanMcNeil 123955571 appears to show up in my roster now, but 133153841 is still missing.

I think what is best is just to search for the user under Roster > Add leader

Ah ok. Thank you. It seems to be fixed now.

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