Den Leader not able to have full access

I have a Den Leader that can’t get full access to his new scouts. He has six previous scouts that he has full access to but not with the new scouts. And yes, I have switched it to full access multiple times, it just never actually gets applied to those scouts.

BSA # 136490697

@MichaelCasey the first issue is the person is not a registered leader and therefor it is a bug they are even a leader in Scoutbook. They need to send in an adult application and take YPT to be a leader. I searched by name and DOB and found no registrations

They have been a leader for several years. Is this a council issue or scoutbook?

Have a key 3 check your unit roster on my.scouting to see if they may show up their under a different name. If not, it is definitely a council issue.

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Yep. In scoutbook but not in my.scouting. Weird. Thanks!!! I’ll contact council.

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