Den leader shows as 'pending', duplicate accounts, unable to access scout profiles to add advancement

Scoutbook shows 2 different profiles under my name. The profile I am able to access (member #1346301) shows my den leader status as ‘pending’ and i am unable to access any scout profiles to update advancements (other than my own child). The account I am not able to access/log into appears to be the den leader account, but it lists incorrect contact info.

I have reached out to Pack Leaders and they tried to send a new request for me to accept the den leader position but this was not received. I am assuming this request went to the duplicate account, with the incorrect contact information, that I am unable to access.

How can we get rid of the duplicate account, and get the den leader position approved under ID 13463091 so I can access the my Scouts’ accounts?

Thank you.

This is fixed now. I have merged them

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