Dens 'greyed out' when assigning leaders

We have a large pack, and just starting out trying to assign dens, etc. When trying to setup our Webelos and Tiger dens, they are all greyed out(??) I magically was able to assign one leader, but am not sure how. It looks like the dialog box is not big enough and I cant scroll to the correct radio button.

I am using Firefox on an iMac.

For additional information, this is how it looks when adding Den Admin, which works fine:!

For tiger den you need to assign 'Tiger Den Leader" and Webelos the same process.

I think I figured it out. Thanks for the direction. You wouldnt happen to know why the designate the Webelos and Tiger Den leaders and not the Bear/Wolf DL? Anyway, thanks for the guidance.

The BSA specifies 3 positions for Den Leaders and 2 for Assistant Den Leaders. They are:
Den Leader (Lion Dens, no assistant because parents are supposed to be present)
Tiger Den Leader (Tiger dens, no assistant because parents are supposed to be present)
Den Leader & Assistant Den Leader (Wolf and Bear dens)
Webelos Leader & Assistant Webelos Leader (Webelos dens)

The original Lion Pilot did not have Den Leaders. I believe the BSA just decided to reuse the position instead of creating a new one.

Because Tiger and Webelos leaders are registered with a different position code, they appear as different positions in Scoutbook. If the BSA eliminates the Tiger and Webelos leader positions, Scoutbook will be updated.

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