Disappeared Advancement Achievements

Hi starting today 9/28 I noticed that all of our Scouts ‘achievements’ in Advancement disappeared if they had not fully earned the loop - this has removed all of the random things that we earned during our summer camp.

@MirandaAdams - could you be more specific… disappeared from where exactly ?

From Scoutbook - it’s showing kids are 0% and not showing the requirements completed that we had marked off for them back in June

post a specific BSA # and an example of what you think is missing

BSA Member ID:


First responder requirements 1 and 5 are not marked off (just 1 example for 1 kid, all my Webleos appear to have had it erased)

Screen Shot 2022-09-28 at 3.34.38 PM

What date is Dark - that is the current version - I wonder if the Quick Entry was for the other date?

Checked and not showing under either - wondering if the update knocked it all out… Edit to add that it appears to have only affected the Webelos after I double checked the others.

It is hard to clear that stuff in the database. Developers are checking logs to see if it was ever entered.

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@MirandaAdams did you go back in and remark them?

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