Disconnect and delete erroneously created SB profile

I’m the Troop Admin and in trying to transfer new scouts bridging over and make certain all parents emails match their professed preferred contact info, some new accounts were created for parents who already had an account but which was not showing properly in the Troop’s view.
SB will not allow me to resolve this; when I attempt to delete new unused profile it says remove connection first; when I attempt to remove connection it says “Whoops!”
Also, the add connection function will not find the original profile to reconnect it, even when searching with email address. Hopefully this will resolve after “extra” profile is removed and detached.

Please disconnect from scout and delete the following parent profile.
Scout BSA Member # 13948125
Parent BSA Member # 14162328
UserID 12366284
Please connect to scout the following parent profile
Parent BSA Member # 13948099

Thanks, Denis

@DenisBlyth I only found one Scoutbook account for this parent. I did update the BSA member number. You will need to double check the e-mail address.

@JenniferOlinger Thank you; email address is good.

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I have a parent who reports to me that their scout who has recently bridged over from a cub scout pack is not showing up when they log into SB. When I look at the scout it shows the parent connected with full authority to the scout. Their profile shows the same email address that they are using to log in,
Scout BSA Member # 134667021 UserID 1845580
Parent BSA Member # 134667022 UserID 1845585
Where do we go from here? Thanks!

My profiles are all crossed up.
BSA#137057816 is my current BSA number with FEC, but now has ties to Puerto Rico council. My daughters account is also kicked into PR council which is incorrect.

All of my relevant profile attributes shows under my California Inland Empire Council BSA#130224503. This should not be the case.

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