2 scoutbook accounts for same parent

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Parent has two scoutbook accounts listed on his son’s profile page, he has one my.scouting.org account.
when he logged into scoutbook with same login credentials as the my.scouting.org account, he had no family or scout listed. He added his son via bsa membership id, birthdate and name.
Will this create the connection to his son ? How do I delete the parent account that shouldnt be there?
Thank you

@DebCarkin post the SB User IDs of the Parent Accounts or the BSA #s and we can look. If one is not connected yet you should be able to uninvite.

Original he was connected just fine when scout crossed over but that was a few years ago. Just recently tried to invite his son to make his own account, couldnt remember his password, system would hang on security questions, council had him make account in my. scouting.org and here we are. parent: scoutbook id: 12482550, BSA ID is 14280235, original parent account sb user id: 9865957, no BSA id. Scout scoutbook id: 7435542, BSA id: 130570438 I seem to have gotten caught in the transition of doing profiles through internet advancement versus scoutbook …

@DebCarkin that is fixed

thank you very much,

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