Missing Scout with 2 profiles; can’t connect Scout to parent

Hi there

When my son went to a new pack in Illinois, they created a new scout book acct for him. So he has had 2- one we use and one we do not. Now we are at a pack in Alabama and I (parent) updated my affiliation but cannot connect to my scouts correct (current/updated) Scout book profile. It says that it cannot find his member ID (it can find and connect to the old in-updated one).
Please help

Are you trying to use the Scouting App to Connect? What is the BSA # you have for the Scout and we can look.

I was using the website- 13911494

Well where the systems are now - might be best to leave alone and see if system fixes - I see no SB User for that number - but I do see the number - @edavignon @JenniferOlinger @jacobfetzer ?

@DonovanMcNeil I think I would wait until tomorrow and see if the system fixes.

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@JenniferOlinger yes I think we both stalled at the same point

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