Scout and parent profile fix request

I have a scout with member ID 136521033. A parent with member ID 122088098 is connected to the scout but the parent profile shows “This user have not set up SSO in Scoutbook.” The parent somehow created a duplicate account for themself with member ID 140402448 and a new Scoutbook profile for the scout under member ID 14626188 (shows “Not approved” on the profile) which contains no advancement data.

Can we connect scout profile 136521033 (which contains advancement data) with parent profile 140402448 (with SSO set up)? Then delete the superfluous profiles (14626188 and 122088098)?

@JamesMayled I will take a look

@JamesMayled that is fixed - I would check the scouts DOB - might be a family that likes to use false ones for security

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