Dislike the IA Calendar Event Reminder

The reminder from Scoutbook was much better. All you have going out is time and place. It is missing all the details of the event - ex: camping - we not what the Scouts have planned and how much the camp fees are etc. The Scoutbook calender also encouraged the invitees to RSVP. The IA calendar just sends time and place. Nearly useless.


@JenniferReiter - was this an asap reminder

Yes - an asap was sent last night and another was sent this am. Also created a 1 week reminder and it looks like the attached.

None of the description notes included.

@JenniferReiter - do not use the ASAP as there is a known issue with it


It looks like the one week one worked as intended, no?

Yes, the 1 week is ok.

Hopefully the reminder section gets a overhaul. I would just prefer to set the time I want the reminder to go on a schedule, Instead I’m finding my self trying to do all of this math in my head and pray I get it right. Pick a date and time and be done with it.

I am not following what you are requesting here. We have, for campouts, for example, set the date/time, then set a reminder 1 day, 7 day, and 14 days before. What are you looking for?

I would prefer to have a calendar to select the date and time I want it to go out.

@JohnHopkins - it is identical to the selector in the legacy scoutbook calendar

right no improvement

@JohnHopkins - i had not realized that x months, weeks, days or hours before something would be that difficult a concept…

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