Internet Advancement Calendar Woes

So, I make my first Internet Advancement Calendar invite. Fairly straightforward. I hope I chose all the people in the Troop. This is not blatantly obvious. Secondly, I don’t like how it piles all the text into one block, no tabs. There is no subject line, just says, “Reminder” in email. And I put out to send out a reminder “ASAP,” and it sent out 4 back-to-back. Come on folks, can the BSA ever roll out ANYTHNG that just works straight out of the gate? I mean we paid for someone to code this up. Could they at least test it before it “goes live”? And this transition just happened, BOOM, all of a sudden. EVERY user of Scoutbook should have gotten an email with a video tutorial on how to use IAC before it went live. I feel the BSA just hires the cheapest labor to do just about anything.

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I have crossover Scouts, as we all do this time of year. I have Troop meetings and camp outs in the calendar that those parents and Scouts cannot see because they haven’t been “invited”. The obviously weren’t invited because they didn’t belong to the Troop when the events were created. Are we expected to go into every single calendar event and re-invite all my Scouts and leaders so the parents can see what’s on the calendar?
I also have events on the calendar now that are listed in the central time zone even though my Troop is in Pennsylvania. I have a Court of Honor with the wrong times on the reminders because the calendar is now changing all of the times to central time. How on earth am I supposed to fix that?
I don’t know the reasons behind moving the calendar to the IA page, but it worked perfectly fine before and now it’s a mess. It would be nice if the BSA asked the people who have to use this stuff rather than all of the leaders that are so far disconnected from those of us volunteering at the unit level.

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There are plans to automatically add new members. They cannot be implemented until the old calendar is completed retired. In the meantime, check out the feature assistant extension for Chrome.

There is a timezone setting you need to modify.

Hey Joshua, this was always a problem with me in Scoutbook. They should have fixed this years ago.

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