Diversity Equity. And Inclusion Training

How do I print out a completion Certificate for this training. I completely the training in August and it appears in my completed training but the little printer icon does not appear.

@MichaelHageman - not a scoutbook bug. I would suggest printing your training transcript

Go to My Training in the left side menu. Select Completions. Tick the box next to the DEI Training (SCO_1800). There should be an option that appears along the top to print your certificate.

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@CharleyHamilton - thank you for posting that. In the end it is the user training abstract.

Not quite sure what that means. When I click on mine, I see a certificate-format document.

I do tend to think that retaining a complete copy of the completions list is more useful (at least to my mind) than having a million certificates, but that’s just me. I know I’ve been asked for certificates for various things before, and maybe there’s an actual reason that one is preferred over the other.

Thank you. I wasn’t checking the box first.


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I find the “invisible features requiring ticking a checkbox to appear” design less than user friendly myself.

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@CharleyHamilton - what I was referring to was the list we are presented with that has the training we have taken… heck I think National/Council should be able to see what has been completed.

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Yeah, no argument there. It seems like the system is capable of presenting that information to anyone who formulates the query correctly, but I’m on the “just a user” side. :^)

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