Cannot see certificates for YPT and Diversity, Equity, and inclusion in scouting training


My membership No is 13228627. I completed the YPT training last October and the Diversity training a few weeks ago. However I don’t see certificates in my account, and yet they are required for a number of things. Is this a bug or can we use screenshots as substitutes? Thank you for your help.

I am looking into this

Your YPT was completed 10/11/21 with an expiration date of 10/11/23. Diversity, Equity and Inclusion is recorded on your account with a completion date of 1/29/22.

You should be able to print training certificates from the training center.

I do not see the print option. Where do I need to go?

For example, this is what I see at the YPT page

Next to the Retake Course is a small printer icon, click on that

Silly me. Got it. Is there a certificate for the Diversity training?

If you go to My Training → Completions, then select the button next to the relevant training, the Certificate option appears at the top of the listings:

ETA: This works for any training course which you have completed.

Got it. All done. Thanks.

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