Some dens ready to advance, others aren't

Hi all. Tiger den leader here and this is my first year. Our pack is fairly inconsistent with how quickly dens are completing their requirements and I’m wondering if we all need to wait until everyone is done (maybe by the end of the summer?) or if the leaders who are ready can advance their dens now. Currently the Lions and Tigers have completed all requirements and we are awarding their badges tomorrow. 2/3 of the Bears are there and they will all likely finish by the end of the month. On the other hand, the Wolves have only completed two adventures and some of them haven’t completed any - I don’t know if they will all finish by the end of the summer.
I’d like to advance our Lions and Tigers now and our Bears when they all finish at the end of this month, but I don’t know if doing so out of order will mess the process up. Will our Tigers join the current Wolves and then we run the risk of accidentally advancing them all together to the Bears? I’d like to advance now so they can get credit for work they do over summer camping trips/camps, but from what I’ve read it seems like it’s recommended to advance all of the dens at once in descending order. Thanks in advance!

When advanced Dens stay as complete sub-units - different from others

@ValerieLuckenbill - cub scouts is do your best… but you will need to move the dens up regardless of what they have earned

Thank you to you both! @DonovanMcNeil that is exactly what I was hoping! @Stephen_Hornak the plan is to advance the Wolves eventually, but I want to give them the summer to try to finish what they can.

@ValerieLuckenbill - yes but in the lions and tigers will move up so do anticipate that.

Since we aren’t allowed to talk about program here, I’d suggest you also consult your council for rules on when the program year ends.

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@jacobfetzer - and I would have gotten away with it if it were not for you meddling kids


Advancing the dens in Scoutbook does not mean the scouts have to quit working on their current rank and start working on the next rank. That transition is flexible and determined by the pack committee, within the boundaries established by National.

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