Don't see Multiple options on My Applications

Hello - I am a registered adult in my unit’s boys troop and was looking to join additional troops on the unit to take on advancement chair role. However, I do not see the Multiple option on the my application tab for my account and am not able to join additional troops. Additionally, I see some mixup in dates between my and my son (134826510).


I recommend you contact your Council.

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@AKumar Check with your troop’s Committee Chair and find out if the troop’s recharter has posted. If the unit (troop) is expired / lapsed, then you will not see the option to multiple or transfer.

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Our charter has posted and I have a Scout that wants to multiple into a Crew. I’m Scoutmaster. The option for ‘transfer’ is there but not to multiple. Is this a function for me?

@HarryHanna - paper application in the other unit marked as multiple would be the way to go.

@HarryHanna You need to be the Scout’s parent / legal guardian in order to see the option to multiple register with another unit.

The parent / legal guardian needs to:

  1. Log in to their own (parent / guardian’s) my.Scouting account.
  2. Click on “My Application”.
  3. Click on the "Transfer/ Multiple Applications " tab.
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Thank you for getting back to me so quickly. I forgot to say thank you!

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