Multiple Council BSA #

I have an issue with multi cpuncil registration. How do i get myself to a leve that i can create a new topic

@TaraGilman-Sheffield what is the issue?

I’ve been registered on 2 councils since March. Now all of a sudden I’m not on the roster in some of my units in my original council and can’t see my own kids in the family section. And not linked to any scouts in those units. It also shows my name twice now in those units one saying registered one with exclamation point. In my second and newer to me council i can see 2 units from other council and linked to scouts. Can see my kids in family section. And linked to unit thay is part of that council. Spoke to the new second council and i show as transfered instead of multi registration. Bottom line is i should be registered in 3 units in 1 council and linked to the scouts in those units. And registered in 1 unit in the second council and linked to scouts. And be able to toggle between councils like i previously doing from march until this past friday. Neither council knows what to do and doesn’t necessarily believe what the system says.

Well Scoutbook does not support 2 BSA MIDs (#s) - what are your BSA Numbers?

Is that new because it was fine before and several people said they toggle between both all the time. It seems the issue is i’ve been transferred all of a sudden to the new council which is why im not on the roster in the old council rather being left as multi position. Let me get you my numbers.

@TaraGilman-Sheffield it has never allowed more than one BSA # - for adults there are work arounds but it depends on a few things

Western mass council BSA# 12473674 (preferred primary council as all my training and complete history is there)

Heart of New England Council BSA# 140141486 (new council i registered in march)

My kids are in the correct councils and units.

@TaraGilman-Sheffield that is fixed - under > Profile > Manage Member ID - keep the Primary the same and you should be good

It looks good nownon my end. Thank you so much for your help.