Duplicate Applications on Transfer

I am the SM for a troop that has two feeder packs. Over the past week both packs have had a B&G and had scouts crossover. We are using the new electronic transfer option via my.scouting, but I have found that it is creating multiple applications per scout. I am only able to approve one application per scout. I am getting the “friendly” email reminders that there are applications awaiting my attention. My fear is that if I deny the additional applications that were generated it will somehow effect the one application that was approved. Anyone else experienced this yet?

Yep, I have four duplicates (out of 12 transfers). In my case, I think the parents initiated a transfer as well as the Cubmaster transferring the group. I’d love to know how to remove them (so I can avoid constant reminders that I have outstanding applications).

@RickHillenbrand I see this as a very likely scenario - we need the team to know to see what to do - the system needs to know when a Scout or Scouter has a pending transfer and not allow a second to be inititated

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Thank you! I’m seeing the same. 5 transfers became 35 requests. I was able to approve one request per scout, but not sure what to do with the outstanding duplicates (approve also or deny).

I think they will at least expire in 90 days

Ok, that’s good to know. We can ignore the alerts then until they drop. Thanks!