Download Scoutbook Cub History

My scout is crossing over to Troop. I know you can download the Cub Scout History Report and you can also download the Payment Log Report. Are there any other reports/downloads I can get?

Over the last 5 years I have uploaded dozens and dozens of pictures to Scoutbook on each requirement, elective, award, and Nova adventure. I don’t HAVE to have the pictures but it would be nice to be able to download all of them. Facebook has a feature where you can download every picture you have ever posted which is nice to look at the memories over the years. Any thoughts?

It seems like the picture option is very short term and not used option. That is it seems to be good for a scout to use a picture to show a leader they are done, but that it isn’t designed for long term perusal.

@TimothyGutierrez - any photos i uploaded to scoutbook were kept in a local folder for scouting either in google photos or on the pc so i have them saved that way

There is not a current process to do this in an automated way that I am aware of.

The way Matt describes it is the intended use - Scoutbook is not a social media platform.

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Agreed, but it is a repository with many reports that can be ran to pull out data. The reports can be modified to pull Comments and Pictures also. It isn’t the ‘social’ aspect that I am looking for but the historical aspect. It is a record of a kids journey and anything that can be captured to preserve that journey seems important to me. Again, I don’t need the pictures but for those actively using Scoutbook it would be another selling point to why Packs & Troops should choose Scoutbook over its competitors. The Troop I am going to does not use Scoutbook and they have many reasons why.

I was able to find one more report in Internet Advancement. It is the Pack Recognition Report. No pictures, but the date of every Advancement and Award in one place.

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