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Council Report from Scoutbook

I have a potential Eagle Scout scout that is requesting his Council Report which I understand that I can obtain from Scoutbook. I am unable to find where in Scoutbook the report is located and which report this is. Could anyone provide step-by-step guidance on how I go about locating the report and what the report name is that I am looking for?

Thank you!

I don’t know what you mean by Council Report but there is a Scouts BSA History Report in Scoutbook. Navigate to the Scout’s page, click on Reports then Scouts BSA History Report.

When I click on Roster within Scoutbook, then select the Scout, the only Report options I have are Advancement Report, Advancement History, or Unit Roster. If I click on the Scout to get to the Youth Profile page, there is not an option for Reports. What am I missing and thanks for the help.

How are you connected to the Scout? The history report is only available to the Scout, parent/guardian and leaders with a full control connection to the Scout.

Neal, it sounds like you are using Internet Advancement – not Scoutbook. They both use the same database, but they are different and have different reports available.

In Internet Advancement, select the Scout’s name then click on Run Report -> Advancement History. Then select the dates. To print this report, right click on the report page.

In Scoutbook, you might want the Scout’s “Individual Advancement Record” or “Scouts BSA History Report”. Another option is to download the “Eagle Application”. These reports are available by going to the Troop Roster page, click on the Scout’s name, then click on Reports.

I am the advancement chair for the troop. I will see if the scout can login to scoutbook and access the report as well.

Thank you!

Thank you, Jennifer. I confirmed that I am logged into

Unfortunately, I do not see the Scouts BSA History under the Troop Roster page when I click on the Scout’s name, then click Reports.

I am going to see if the scout can login to access his history as I am unsure why I cannot.

Neal, that is the url for the new Internet Advancement.

The url for Scoutbook is:

History Report is not in Internet Advancement - we have asked that it be added

If you are using Internet Advancement, you will see something like this:

If you are using Internet Advancement, then click on the box next to the Scout’s name, then Run Report -> Advancement History. You will need to select the dates that cover all of the Scout’s advancement data.

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