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Dual membership , manage members boys life and paid youth SL

  1. If scouts and scouters have already dual registered in different troops or a post in the past, do they automatically auto populate both rosters when rechartering? I can only see the troop I’m rechartering. Our troop rooster is correct in the rechartering pages. Or do I need to add membership (add “mark as multiple” under “manage members” No one who is dual registered is marked as such on my rooster. (no red + sign after their name). Asked another way - do we only add memberships to scouts and scouters who are just now registering in dual troops/posts/crews?

  2. I have 3 scouts/scouters who are dual registered in our troop and a local post. When I use the drop down box on manage members - I can select “post” but the next box for the post number is blank/gives me an error. What should I do? These people were registered in the post last year.

  3. If I need to add dual memberships - how do you know which troop/post is paying the yearly fees?

  4. My recharter page looks different from the rechartering video- there is no check box for boys life. (and no fee amo to the right). I am unable to scroll over so seems those columns aren’t present on my screen.

  5. What is paid youth SL? I have 2 listed. I have 2 kids not reregistering - is this what this means? I have paid youth 12 (which is correct).

I apologize if these answers are answered elsewhere but I watched the video, read the FAQs and searched for previous similar topics.

#4, in another discussion, the user resized his display which allowed the missing columns to display.

  1. Yes, they are listed on both.

  2. You have to coordinate with the other unit. One will pay and one will have the person “multiple” and pay $0.

  3. SL is short for Scout Life, the magazine will have changed names 1 year ago this January from Boys’ Life.